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Church Ministries & Chairpersons

Altar Workers

Sister Ekaster Green, Chairperson

Baptismal Committee

Minister Wendy James, Chairperson

Christian Education

Sister Shirley Killebrew, Director

Sister Antoinette Cherry, Superintendent 

Sister Tabulla Overton, Assistant Superintendent

Community Support

Sister Wende Winston, Chairperson

Deacons & Stewards

Deacon Jerry Strigglers, Sr. , Chairperson

Events Coordinator

Evangelist Kin-Tae Primmer, Chairperson


Sister Ginger Bailey, Chairperson



Men's Ministry

Deacon Jerry Bailey, Chairperson

Missions (Home & Foreign)

Sister Donna Batiste, Chairperson

Music & Sacred Arts

Brother Anthony Strigglers, Minister of Music

Outreach & Evangelism

Minister Sheryl Thomas, Chairperson

Prayer Warriors

Minister Wendy James, Chairperson


Evangelist Rhonda Brown, Chairperson


Deacon Jerry Bailey, Chairperson

Singles Ministry

Evangelist Rhonda Brown, Chairperson


Sister Antoinette Lennon, Chairperson

Wheat Teens

Sister Mariah Wright, Youth Leader ages 12-17

Wheat Tykes

Sister Tabulla Overton, Youth Leader ages 2-11

Wheat Young Adults (WYA)

Sister Pamela Strigglers, Youth Leader ages 18-38

Women's Ministry

Evangelist Rhonda Brown

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