Focus Ministries


Our Christian Education Department equips Men, Women, and Youth of all ages with the tools they need to grow in Christ and lead overcoming lives. We offer several relevant and exciting classes and bible studies throughout the week which provide both spiritual and practical 

information that can be implemented immediately.

Music &
Sacred Arts

Our Music & Sacred Arts department comprises talented Musicians, Singers, Songwriters, Artists, and Poets who use their extraordinary, God-given gifts and talents to lead us into worship during our services and other special events. 


Our outreach teams go beyond the walls of the church with the express purpose of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our teams reach out to the our neighbors near and far in an effort to meet both their spiritual and natural needs. We partner with local organizations to bring aid and support to members of the surrounding community. 


A community for single Christian adults designed to inform, engage and empower them in their walk with Christ. Our singles ministry meets regularly for informative sessions, wholesome fellowship, and community involvment


 Wheat Teens are on the move for Christ! This powerful and dynamic ministry is geared toward teenager ages 13-17. They will experience relevant bible studies, uplifting worship services and informative field trips. There are also many ministry and community service opportunities to keep our youth involved.


Our Women's Ministry aims to provide impactful, spiritually enriching  programming  for women of all ages. Women can connect, encourage, and work with one another to as they grow in God. Numerous fellowship and

service  opportunities allow 

women to bond as well as impact the surrounding community


We take the commandment to "go into all the world," quite literally. We are not only committed to sharing the gospel with those in our community, but with our brothers and sisters around the world. We recognize that many around the world have much less in terms of material wealth than we enjoy here. It is our goal to bring both the gospel and humanitarian aid to this in need around the globe. 

Young Adults

 Wheat Young Adults provides space for individuals ages 18-38 to come and experience God and connect with peers. We offer bible studies, outings, services and retreats geared specifically to this age group. WYA meets every 3rd Wednesday at 7:00pm in our conference center.


 Wheat Tykes cater to the youngest and most precious of our youth. We believe that our children are not just the church of tomorrow, but are the church of right now! We provide a clean, safe, and fun environment for your child to learn about God and gain a solid Christian foundation. 


Our Men's Ministry connects men of all ages and encourages them to lead meaningful, productive, Christ-centered lives.  Our Men's Ministry strives to foster spiritual growth through special events, trainings and fellowship.